Laughing at My Own Jokes

27 Jan

I have this habit (quirk?) of laughing at my own jokes… Now, I don’t see anything wrong with this, but certain people who will remain nameless (a daughter, and my Father, those are titles, not names) seem to think this is strange behavior. They make comments about it. I wonder, are they jealous of my incredible sense of humor? Do they wish that they could be as witty as I? Of course I am going to laugh if I say something funny, it’s funny!!!

Of course, I think the comments come more when I laugh at the jokes that aren’t funny to anyone else but me, the ones that totally bomb… It’s not like I’m telling “chicken crossing the road” jokes or anything, it’s more of inserting funny comments into conversations, making observations of things or places, or telling a story from my day.

I guess I just like to laugh. I like to be around people who laugh, I like to make serious people laugh. I can’t imagine going through life being all serious. But there is a time for seriousness, and I can pull that off too. In my line of work it is necessary to be serious at times. There are people who actually believe that I am intimidating because I make them follow the rules. For those who have difficulty following rules they do get to experience the not-so-funny version of Ellen. I’m not mean, but I am firm and will get the point across when required, but most of the time I’m pretty nice, and I can get even those who are intimidated by me to laugh on occasion.

So, the other day I got to wondering if Jesus told jokes. We know he had all the human emotions which includes happiness, and with happiness comes laughter. He celebrated in all the Jewish festivals, and all celebrations include laughter. He loved children, and where there are children there is laughter. Yes, Jesus laughed. I’m sure his disciples and people around him laughed with him. But was he funny? Did he laugh at his own jokes and stories? I’d like to think so… After all, his Father is the Creator, so wouldn’t Jesus’ jokes just naturally be funny? So of course he would laugh at them.

I bet his stories would be awesome! Can you imagine one like this: “Did I ever tell you about the look on Sarai’s face when she found out she was pregnant?”.


Posted by on January 27, 2012 in Family, Inspiration, Reflections


4 responses to “Laughing at My Own Jokes

  1. Writing Jobs

    January 27, 2012 at 9:24 pm

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  2. Wendi

    January 27, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    Oh Ellen- laugh and the world laughs with you. I know I certainly do.

    And I am a rule follower, most of the time. I choose when not to, so I don’t see the ‘not so funny side of Ellen’.

    I think you are funny.


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